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The pieces in my portfolio represent those made over the years and are not available for sale. However, these pieces may inspire ideas for custom work.   

img_128 copy.jpg
img_129 copy.jpg
green oval enamel earrings.jpg
Enamel Brooch/Pendant with sterling silver, brass, acrylic paint, gold leaf  3" x 3"
Enamel brooch/pendant with paper and beads.  2" x 4"
Brooch/pendant with paper, fabric gold leaf, brass, copper, sterling, beads.  2" x 3"
Enamel brooch/pendant with sterling silver, gold-filled accents.  3" x 3"
Enamel brooch/pendant with sterling silver, copper, brass.  3" x  4"
Enamel earrings with gold-filled accents.  2" x 2"
Enamel earrings with fabric inset, sterling silver, brass.  1.5" x 2"
Enamel neckpiece with sterling, brass, glass beads.  3" x 20"
Enamel neckpiece with sterling silver, paper, glass beads.   3" x 2" x 20"
Enamel brooch/pendant with sterling silver, druzy stone, acrylic panint.  3" x 2"
img_087 copyJAS.jpg
img_083 copyJAS.jpg
img_063 copy.jpg
img_113 copy.jpg
DSC_0120 copy.jpg
Enamel brooch/pendant with sterling, gold-filled, copper.  2" x 2"
Enamel pendant with sterling, brass, pottery shard, wood, beach stone.  2" x  4"
Enamel neckpiece wtih brass, paper, glass beads.  2" x 4" x 20"
earring_enamel-blue square.jas.jpg
Enamel brooch/pendant with brass, copper, acrylic paint, gold leaf.  2" x 3"
Enamel pendant with sterling, gold-filled.  1.5" x 4"
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